Hamour Fish in Bangladesh latest price and benefits

Hamour Fish in Bangladesh

Hamour Fish in Bangladesh

Today morning I got a call from a customer. He wanted Hamour fish very desperately.

Hamour is a very tasty fish and very rare in Bangladesh. But if you want to taste this Arabic fish, I can manage it for you. From the curiosity, I am sharing some interesting facts about Hamour.

Hamour is the Gulf name for Grouper fish. Some elderly Gulf sailors told me that the name Hamour is not Arabic. It is a very interesting fish with a fascinating life cycle. Because Hamour is a very easy fish to catch, it is considered locally as a dumb fish.

There are many varieties of groupers in tropical and warm temperate waters worldwide. We have in the Gulf several species of grouper with a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Groupers are capable of changing skin color for camouflage to match the color of their surroundings.

Hamour Sex:

Hamours are protogynous hermaphrodites, i.e. they first function as females and later transform into males. So the young are predominantly female but transform into males as they grow larger. They grow about a kilogram per year. Generally, they are adolescents until they reach three kilograms when they become female. At about 10 to 12 kg they turn to male.

The fat content of Hamour:

Hamour is good for weight watcher because it has poor fat content, but not good for those who seek rich omega-3 fish. Hamour fish is good for a low sodium diet. It has 87 mg/kg among Salmon has 720 mg/kg.

Where to buy Hamour fish in Bangladesh?



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