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Saraf Khan Family

“From 50 meals to 50000 meals, we are ready to deliver”

I grew up in Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh. Our home was very close to Fishery Ghat, where from fishing boat launches for fishing in the Bay of Bengal coastal areas.I have been very passionate about fishing since my childhood. This feeling was not just the attraction of the Sea which I used to see from the window at my young age. We have a long tradition of fishing.

My grandfather moved in and started catching fish in Chittagong from 1938. Now my family is the third generation in this traditional profession and our motto is to deliver the highest quality fish at a reasonable price.

We are a traditional & professional fishing company.


We care about your business…..

Whether you are managing small order or big order, we are ready to deliver you the freshest fish. The quality has no alternatives in business. Every week our fishing boat sail out for fishing in the Bay of Bengal coastal area. After doing the natural harvesting in a sustainable way, we immediately freeze it at peak freshness. Our processing unit helps to clean and pack the sea fish.

Wait (A Little) For Delivery

The heat is on (and we got your back!). Our eco-friendly, insulated cooler and dry ice keep your fish frozen even in the hottest conditions

The Box

Your shipper box is made from corrugated paper and can be recycled curbside with all other paper. You’ll also find a recyclable, corrugated divider that tightly packs your seafood at the bottom of the box





    Fishing for over 83years

    +50,000 tons

    Fish sold


    Customer rating

    “Highest quality sea fish, wild caught in Bangladesh.




    My name is Rasheda Khan. I am the founder of Sea Fish BD. It was my hobby of fishing that started all this and now it has become my passion. That is why I want everyone to taste the enjoyment I feel when I eat those fresh fish and that is why Sea fish BD and I are dedicated to offering you the highest quality fish from truly sustainable sources to your doorsteps. I believe what we take we must return to our society, community and environment. As I am blessed and have traditional background on fresh sea fish sourcing, I feel I am responsible to my family, friends and neighbors to offer the best what I can.

    This is my small steps to get back what I took and do something for my community within my limitations.

    – Rasheda Saraf